We have provided landscape and irrigation installations for Ray Brinegar, Builder for several years, and we have seen the way Ray operates with his clients. Since we come on to the job at the end, by the time we get started on the job, the clients already have a relationship with the builder, and we can usually discern how happy or unhappy they have been with the builder and the entire building process. Ray’s clients are always excited to share how great an experience they have had; we have never worked for another builder with such satisfied clients. This is an obvious indication that he does a great job and always exceeds their expectations. I am always impressed with the thorough detail and planning Ray does when building a house. I have seen him complete complicated projects that most builders would not be capable of doing. From the beginning phases to the final creative touches he adds, I am always impressed with the way things come together for him. This does not happen by chance, but by thorough planning and execution. The general reputation in the community is Ray Brinegar, Builder is first class. We are proud to be identified with the company because of the reputation it has. Everyone knows Ray is a top quality builder with high standards. This is supported by his track record of designing and building custom homes for many of our area’s most influential people.